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  • She will be presenting on the Kano Model portrays customer expectations related to product/service features according to five categories of perceived quality that can be used to drive satisfaction—and avoid generating dissatisfaction. Although this model is widely discussed, the method for applying specialized surveying and analysis process are not well-known.

  • The Preferred process for Section 606 is by the use electronic documents (Word or PDF's) for submital of the Re-certification booklets.
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  • The next certification exams will be held on October 3, 2015.  If you haven't registered yet and are planning on taking the exam, please do so by the deadline of August 14, 2015.  If you registered, you should receive a letter from ASQ National with directions to the testing site. 
    The following exams will be administered in June:
    Biomedical Auditor (CBA)
    HACCP Auditor (CHA)
    Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQOE)
    Master Black Belt (CMBB)
    Quality Inspector (CQI)

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