ASQ requires recertification for all certifications except those listed below every three years to ensure that you maintain the same level of knowledge demonstrated in your first exam.
Certifications not requiring recertification: Quality Inspector, Quality Improvement Associate, Quality Process Analyst, Quality Technician and Six Sigma Green Belt are lifetime certifications.
How do I maintain my certification?
Two Ways to Re-certify:

  1. Examination: Sit for the exam. (Required if your certification expired and is past the six-month grace period.)
  2. Recertification Unit (RU) Credits: Obtain a minimum of 18 recertification units during your three-year certification period. You can accumulate credits from many different professional activities that increase your understanding of the Body of Knowledge or enhance your job (professional development, employment, teaching, taking a course, attending meetings, proctoring, etc.).
    1. Review the Recertification Journal/Application. Document your activities in your Recertification Journal/Application (PDF, 332 KB), or E-folder.

      Note: Specific instructions on how to fill out the journal/application.  Recertification fees increase August 1, 2013.

    2. Submit Your Completed Journal/Application or Recertification Application.
      1. Assemble the application and supporting documents. Send your information and fees to the the Re-certification Chair-Harvey Moul. Recertification Application only (PDF, 41 KB).
      2. New Preferred Process: Scan all materials into a PDF or Word Document and E-mail to the Recertification Chair, including Credit Card Info on the Re-Cert Application. A Receipt will be returned by Email. 

        Note: Specific instructions for sending your recertification information and fees.

Recertification Hints and Tips

  • June and December are the busiest times to submit your journal, and it takes the longest to get your new certification
  • March and September are the best times to submit your journal
  • Be sure to sign and date your recertification journal
  • If you are late submitting your recertification journal, you will need to contact ASQ Headquarters directly and explain why you are late and to get an exception granted
  • If you are paying by check, make the check out to ASQ
  • If you are paying by credit card, be sure to sign the appropriate spot on the re-certification journal
  • Scan and email is the preferred and fastest method to submit your journal to the Re-certification Chair
  • If you are going to send in hardcopy, don’t include anything you want back; all paperwork is shredded six months after receipt
  • All re-certification journals are forwarded on to ASQ Headquarters no more than 7 days after receipt by the Recertification Chair
  • Once your journal is forwarded on to ASQ Headquarters, you need to contact them with questions
  • There are no prizes for submitting the most recertification units

How do I retire my certification?
If you retired from full-time employment, and are unable to collect the required 18 RU’s, you may wish to also retire your ASQ certification. Note: There is a process to reinstate a retired Certificate.

Meet the Recertification Chair
Mr. Harvey Moul
Harvey is a Senior Member of ASQ, Certified Quality Engineer and Certified Quality Auditor. 
Email or Mail your complete recertification package to:
Harvey Moul
ASQ Re-certification
8217 NE 198th St.
Kenmore, WA 98028

Note: Be sure to include a check to ASQ for the recertification fee. 

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