As you progress in your ASQ membership so do your opportunities for advancement.  ASQ recognizes the contributions members make to the quality community and have established a number of 'additional' benefits for our Senior and Fellow members.

What are the benefits of Advancement?

Along with the added benefit of demonstrating your committment to your profession, Senior and Fellow membership comes with a choice of an added benefit such as; one journal of your choice OR two divisions OR adding another section to your membership.  All for the same price as a Full membership.

Show me how each of the memberships compare.

How do I become a Senior member?

To upgrade to Senior they only need to fill out this application: Then FAX or mail the completed form to ASQ:

The Senior membership is fully described on this page:

Am I eligible for Fellow member status?

To achieve Fellow member status, you must first be a senior member for at least 5 years.  Then you must be nominated by your section, forum/division or International Chapter.  You will be competing with other nominees thoughout ASQ and will be reviewed with regard to your contributions to the quality community, e.g. quality publications, educational contributions, etc.

Fellow members are nominated on an annual basis.

The Fellow membership is fully described on this page:

The HQ Examining Committee evaluates Fellow nominees for their proficiency in each area. A total of 28 points is the minimum for recommendation for advancement to the grade of Fellow. Points are scored in six proficiency areas, with a minimum required in each area, as follows:

  • Technical experience (4 points).
  • Occupational responsibility (3 points).
  • Publications (2 points).
  • ASQ activities (2 points).
  • Professional affiliations other than ASQ (1 point).
  • Teaching (for nonprofessional teachers) or Consulting (for professionally employed teachers) (2 points).